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  • Max-Fill ®

  • It is an ultra light material by expanding natural perlite which is one of volcanic rock to form numerous spiracles. Thus, it is efficient for the permeability which is necessary for plant growth, oxygen capacity, and nutrient holding capacity, and it is also good for roof gardening and upper level landscaping. It is an optimized artificial soil corresponding to global trend of environmental policies and green growth policies.
Property table
ITEM Drainage Remark
Standard Particle Size (mm) 1.2~5.0 KSF-3701
Grading (vol. %) 2.36mm 60~80
1.18mm 10~30
0.6mm MAX 10
0.3mm -
0.15mm -
Unit Bulk Mass (g/㎤) 0.12~0.16
Saturated Absorption Mass (kg/㎥) MAX 500
Coefficient of Permeabilit y(mm/hr) MIN 1,000 KSF-2322
Heat Conductivity (W/M·K) MAX 0.075 KSL-9016
PH 6~8 KSF-2103
Component (wt. %) SiO2 72.1 KSE-3066
Al2O3 14.9
Na2O 3.59
K2O 5.85
Fe2O3 1.07
CaO 1.16
MgO 0.13