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Welcome to SEOKYUNG CMT.

SEOKYUNG CMT has made efforts to realize customer satisfaction based on accumulated technology related to product production and development in various fields such as general filler, light-weight filler, and light-weight aggregate since its foundation in 1991 and all executives and staff members are working together to play their roles.

Our company is specialized in processing and producing MICA, TALC, MICROSHELL, and MAX-FILL, artificial soil for landscaping.

This company has met the strict and various demands of customers based on
production know-how for 25 years and now become the best competitive company
in terms of quality, technology, and item.

From now on, SEOKYUNG CMT will continue to grow in the direction of
fulfilling the demands of customers without remaining in the present state and
do our best with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction as first priority.

Thank you.

Lee, Bong Hee