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TEST method
Particle Size Product particle size and distribution are measured.
Whiteness How white the product surface color is measured and which kind of color is checked.
Moisture The amount of moisture contained in the product is measured.
Ignition Loss The percentage of weight reduction when heated at prescribed temperature conditions is measured.
Oil Absorption The amount of oil necessary for mixing product with oil to form a firm dough is measured.
Bulk Density The density which is based on the volume including pore space occurring between particles when charging product into a prescribed container is measured.
Specific Gravity The percentage between weight of a substance and weight of water that occupies the same volume in a vacuum state is measured.
Pressure Resistance The internal pressure of hollow glass sphere, super light aggregate filler mixed and used for manufacturing low density composite material is measured simply and easily.
(This company's patented product, registration number - 100918999)
pH The degree of acidity and alkalinity of product is measured.
Sieve Test The amount of product remained without being removed during Sieve Test is measured.